New Mehndi Style

Mehndi dress
For millions of people in India and Middle East, mehendi is the preferred way of dyeing hair. It makes the color of the hair reddish and also conditions them. A natural dyer, it never harms the hair like synthetic dyes. It helps in getting hair getting rid of dandruff, making them easier to manage and strengthen them.

Adding More Colors
Mehendi is naturally red. Addition of walnut plant dye or coffee can make it brown. You can ad chamomile, saffron, or senna to dye your hair blonde. Pure mehendi helps one gain a natural red color. Those who already have red hair will have a boost of color. Brunettes will get an auburn color, thanks to mehendi, but those with a full head of grey hair will get orange hair.
How Much to Buy
You need to buy 100 grams of mehendi if you have short hair, 200 grams for collar length hair, 300 grams for shoulder hair, and 500 grams for waist length hair. Mehendi is available in prepared form or in a powder which comes with directions on how to prepare.

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