New Mehndi dress

Mehndi dress
Take Assistance
Applying mehendi yourselves could be messy. So you better take someone's assistance. Put a towel on your shoulders. Ask your aid to wear plastic gloves. It will keep her clean.

After Applying
Cover your hair in saran wrap or a shower cap. Wait for a few hours. Then wash your hair with cold water and a good conditioner. This will make your hair glow.
Keep Away From Synthetic Products
When you are through with mehendi, you must avoid any chemical processing and products, such as chemically straightening them or perming or putting dye in your hair. This could damage the hair.
Avoid wearing light colored clothes while applying mehendi, as it could spoil your clothes.
Don't using mehendi on perm hair because mehendi coating does not allow perm to work well on hair.
Never use synthetic products on your hair for it could be harmful for them.
Mehendi in Tradition
In India, mehendi is a way for a bride and groom to get ready for the marriage. Traditions underlie the use of Mehandi, including wedding games and legends. A dark mehandi design for both bride and groom signifies that the two will have a strong relationship. Now Indian marriage is possible sans mehendi. Fashion-centric ladies even wear dresses to match their mehendi. Mehendi is considered the symbol of fertility and prosperity.

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